Nina Montenegro
  Free the Billboards, Portland, 2012   The project used  Viewmasters  as a medium to dialogue with the public about the visual space currently used for advertising in Portland.   Community members were invited to reimagine billboard space and asked what they would rather see on walls in their neighborhoods.  Responses ranged from poetry to murals to vertical gardens.  The responses were collected and photoshopped in over images of local billboards, and then compiled into custom Viewmaster slides.  Two Viewmaster stands were installed across from billboards, so that pedestrians passing by could peer in to glimpse an alternate reality-- a series of options of what the wall in front of them would look like if it wasn't an advertisement.       The interactive Viewmaster stands were a collaboration between Nina Montenegro and Gustav Sculptor.  This project was generously funded by a grant from  Awesome Portland .  Photos of the project by Alex Milan Tracy.

Free the Billboards